Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Celebrating another five star review

Okay, just bragging today... nothing else.

Reader's Favorite have been kind enough to give me another two reviews for my books.

A Diamond in the Dust came up with a fantastic four star review which says some very kind things about the story, including a brief discussion about genre. I always pondered, when I wrote this, what genre it fell into - and now someone else has had the same train of thought. Definitely not just a contemporary romance!


I also got a whopping 5 star review for Beside The Brook, which I'm, obviously, ecstatic about. With the reward of 5 stars comes the privilege of being able to tout their silver medal on my cover graphics, and physically on my print books. Thanks Reader's Favorite!


http://www.bluewoodpublishing.com/coversLge/ADITD.jpg http://www.bluewoodpublishing.com/coversLge/BTB.jpg