Sunday, October 27, 2013

Writers Love Reviews

As the title suggests, I'm all abuzz right now about reviews. These little gems are precious stones to a writer, and seemingly quite hard to come by these days. I've been amazed how hard it actually is to get a review, although, given the number of self-publishing authors, and amount of reading material on the market, it shouldn't be surprising.

So, I'm going to shout out about this site:

Not only is their service free, provided you don't mind waiting, they guarantee to give a review. That's better than any other site I've found so far. So many sites have disclaimers that they don't guarantee to review your work, and so many sites do not even reply to authors when review requests are submitted.

They don't, however, guarantee a good review, so I think myself among the lucky ones who have been given a fair and glowing appraisal of my book:

I'll take my four star review, thanks Readers Favorite!